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Each individual program contains a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling/attendance form, training certificate/log, employee quiz, poster, and employee booklet.

Photo Product SKU# Unit Price
Create Your Own Package: Any 6 for $1095 V000P069EP  $1,095.00
Create Your Own Package: Any 12 for $1995 V000P129EP  $1,995.00
Create Your Own Package: Any 15 for $2395 V000P159EP  $2,395.00
Accident Investigation V000256VEM  $229.95
Back Safety V000043VEM  $229.95
Compressed Gas Cylinders V000CGCVEM  $229.95
Computer Workstation Safety V000234VEM  $229.95
Conflict Resolution in Industrial Facilities V000060VEM  $229.95
Conflict Resolution in the Office V000058VEM  $229.95
Crane Safety V000122VEM  $229.95
Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees V000052VEM  $229.95
Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers V000053VEM  $229.95
Dealing with Hazardous Spills V000012VEM  $229.95
Distracted Driving V000229VEM  $229.95
Driving Defensively V000231VEM  $229.95
Driving Safety V000131VEM  $229.95
Driving Safety: The Basics V000230VEM  $229.95
Electrical Safety V000098VEM  $229.95
Evacuation Procedures V000240VEM  $229.95
Eye Safety V000064VEM  $229.95
Fall Protection V000FALVEM  $229.95
Fire Extinguishers V000046VEM  $229.95
Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities V000045VEM  $229.95
Fire Prevention in the Office V000032VEM  $229.95
First Aid V000070VEM  $229.95
Hand and Power Tool Safety V000044VEM  $229.95
Hand, Wrist, and Finger Safety V000067VEM  $229.95
Handling a Sexual Harassment Investigation V000049VEM  $229.95
Hazardous Materials Labels V000013VEM  $229.95
Heat Stress V000093VEM  $229.95
I2P2 Injury & Illness Prevention Program V000252VEM  $229.95
Industrial Ergonomics V000065VEM  $229.95
Industrial Fire Prevention V000031VEM  $229.95
Ladder Safety V000080VEM  $229.95
Machine Guard Safety V000MGDVEM  $229.95
Materials Handling Safety V000MHSVEM  $229.95
Office Ergonomics V000236VEM  $229.95
Office Safety V000235VEM  $229.95
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees V000047VEM  $229.95
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers and Supervisors V000048VEM  $229.95
Rigging Safety V000123VEM  $229.95
Safe Lifting V000228VEM  $229.95
Safety Audits V000251VEM  $229.95
Safety Awareness for New Employees V000250VEM  $229.95
Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention V000094VEM  $229.95
Safety Orientation V000055VEM  $229.95
Safety Showers and Eye Washes V000128VEM  $229.95
Sexual Harassment Package V000051VEM  $595.00
Slips, Trips, and Falls V000042VEM  $229.95
Walking and Working Surfaces V000242VEM  $229.95
Warehouse Safety V000241VEM  $229.95
Welding Safety V000WLDVEM  $229.95
Wellness and Fitness V000FTWVEM  $229.95
Winter Safety V000097VEM  $229.95
Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities V000059VEM  $229.95
Workplace Harassment in the Office V000057VEM  $229.95
Workplace Stress V000233VEM  $229.95
Workplace Violence V000239VEM  $229.95
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