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Photo Product SKU# Unit Price
Absenteeism/Tardiness 2007A  $160.00
Administrative Assistant Improving Job Skills 2024A  $195.00
Chemical Dependency 2008A  $160.00
Discipline: The Supervisor's Role 2004A  $160.00
Employee Productivity 1001C  $160.00
Employee Training Responsibility 2003A  $160.00
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act 2029A  $195.00
Performance Reviews 2006A  $160.00
Safety and the Supervisor 2014A  $160.00
Security Awareness 2028A  $195.00
Security Awareness for Management 2027A  $195.00
Setting the Example for Your Employees 2016A  $160.00
Sexual Harassment - An Investigator's Guide 2020A  $160.00
Sexual Harassment - What Employees Need To Know (Long Version) 2025A  $195.00
Sexual Harassment - What Employees Need To Know (Short Version) 2018A  $160.00
Sexual Harassment - What Managers Need To Know 2026A  $195.00
Sexual Harassment - What Your Managers Need To Know 2019A  $160.00
Sexual Harassment for Management (California) 2030A  $195.00
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 2005A  $160.00
Shiftwork Fatigue 2022A  $160.00
Stress Management for Supervisors & Employees 2015A  $160.00
Supervisor Communications with Employees 2009A  $160.00
Supervisor Leadership Excellence - Hiring and Firing 2010A  $160.00
Supervisor Leadership Excellence - Team Building 2011A  $160.00
Supervisor Responsibility 2002A  $160.00
Supervisor's Role in Injury Claims 2021A  $195.00
The Troubled Employee at Work 2012A  $160.00
Time Management 2013A  $160.00
Understanding Disabilities 2017A  $160.00
Understanding People 2001A  $160.00
Workplace Disabilities "Beyond Wheelchairs" 2023A  $195.00
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