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Any 12 Manufacturing Refresher Programs M2R2000  $995.00
Any 24 Manufacturing Refresher Programs M2R3000  $1,945.00
Integrating GHS With Hazcom 1068A  $195.00
(GHS) Globally Harmonized System 1065A  $195.00
25 Most Commonly Cited OSHA Violations 1013A  $160.00
Advanced Portable Ladder Safety 1057A  $195.00
Americans With Disabilities Acts (ADA) 1022A  $160.00
California's Safety Law - SB-198 1006A  $160.00
Documentation of Safety Efforts 1010A  $160.00
Employee Safety Orientation (New Hire Orientation) 1001A  $160.00
Employer's Rights After an OSHA Inspection 1012A  $160.00
GHS & Hazcom Training Package GHSPKG  $495.00
Homicide in the Workplace 1037A  $195.00
How To Comply With The New GHS Hazcom Program 1066A  $195.00
How To Develop an Effective Safety Program 1009A  $195.00
How To Investigate an Accident 1026A  $160.00
Industrial Workstation Ergonomics 1046A  $195.00
Injury/Illness Prevention Plan 1032A  $160.00
Introduction to OSHA 1054A  $195.00
Labor/Management Safety Committees 1030A  $160.00
Ladder Safety 1038A  $195.00
Lead in the Workplace 1028A  $195.00
Lockout/Tagout for Affected/Authorized Personnel 1043A  $195.00
Maintenance Mechanical Safety - Part 1 1048A  $195.00
Maintenance Mechanical Safety - Part 2 1049A  $195.00
New Rule on Record-Keeping - OSHA Form 300 1007A  $195.00
Orientation 2000 (Long Version) 1039A  $195.00
Orientation 2000 (Short Version) 1040A  $195.00
OSHA 35 and Still Alive 1053A  $160.00
OSHA Inspections 1011A  $195.00
OSHA's Eleven 1052A  $195.00
OSHA's Hazardous Energy Source (Lockout\Tagout) 1004A  $195.00
Overhead Pendant Hoist Safety 1055A  $195.00
Preventing And Responding To Workplace Violence 1059A  $195.00
Reporting for Work: Your Safety Responsibilities 1027A  $160.00
Safety Committees - The Real Story 1008A  $160.00
Safety for Equipment Maintenance and Engineering 1045A  $195.00
Safety Tips for New Safety Supervisors 1017A  $160.00
Shift Work and Preventing Fatigue 1044A  $195.00
Stopping Ergonomic Injuries 1051A  $195.00
Supervisor's Guide to Accident Investigation 1016A  $160.00
Texas Workers Compensation Commission (TWCC) 1024A  $160.00
The Dark Ages of Safety 1031A  $160.00
The Fundamentals Of Industrial Hygiene 1064A  $195.00
The New Lockout/Tagout Program 1050A  $195.00
Top 10 OSHA Violations and How To Eliminate Them 1047A  $195.00
Walkways, Ladders, and Elevations: Don't Slip and Fall 1058A  $195.00
What's Wrong With This Picture? (I) 1033A  $160.00
What's Wrong With This Picture? (II) - Forking Around 1034A  $160.00
Why OSHA Is Important To You? 1062A  $195.00
Workers Compensation Fraud 1021A  $160.00
Workers Compensation: The Injured Worker 1018A  $160.00
Working Safely With Compressed Air 1056A  $195.00
Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist 1005A  $160.00
Your Right To File a Complaint with OSHA 1060A  $195.00
Your Rights as a Whistleblower 1061A  $195.00
Advanced Hand And Power Tools Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1033H  $149.00
Basic Electrical Safety Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1016I  $149.00
Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1008B  $149.00
Chemical Safety Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1007F  $149.00
Compressed Air Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1036H  $149.00
Confined Space Entry Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1020H  $149.00
Eye Protection Short Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1004B  $149.00
Fall Protection Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1042I  $149.00
Fire Extinguishers Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1044F  $149.00
Fire Prevention Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1023F  $149.00
Forklift Operator Training Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1001G  $149.00
GFCI Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1018H  $149.00
Hand And Wrist Injuries Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1009I  $149.00
Ladder Safety Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1038A  $149.00
Lockout Tagout Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1004A  $149.00
Machine Guarding Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1003H  $149.00
Office Safety Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1008E  $149.00
Orientation 2000 Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1040A  $149.00
PPE It's Not Your Call Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1025B  $149.00
Prevent Slips And Falls Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1001I  $149.00
Respirators and How To Use Them Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1001B  $149.00
Respirators Selection and Use Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1018B  $149.00
Safe Use Compressed Gas Cylinders Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1032H  $149.00
Standard Manufacturing Package M2F2000  $1,320.00
System Lifting Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1011D  $149.00
Ultimate Hearing Conservation Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1027B  $149.00
Unsafe Acts Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1003C  $149.00
Walkways Ladders and Elevations Short Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1058A  $149.00
What to Do In A Workplace Emergency Refresher (Gen Ind.) 8-1011E  $149.00
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