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Hospitality Safety Videos

Photo Product SKU# Unit Price
Hospitality Package H2S2000  $1,320.00
Anthrax Threat 5041A  $195.00
Back Injury Prevention (Hospitality) 5006A  $195.00
Casino Safety Basics 5012A  $195.00
Chemical/Biological Preparedness Threat 5040A  $195.00
Commercial Lawn Mower Safety 5036A  $195.00
Controlling Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens 5023A  $195.00
Customer Accidents - Third Party Liability 5019A  $195.00
Dishwasher Safety 5045A  $195.00
Electrical Safety (Hospitality) 5028A  $195.00
Emergency Evacuation 5016A  $195.00
Employee Involvement In Ergonomics 5027A  $195.00
Ergonomics for the 21st Century 5024A  $195.00
Golf Cart Safety 5037A  $195.00
Golf Course Maintenance Safety 5035A  $195.00
Hospitality/Customer Service 5021A  $195.00
Hotel Fire Safety 5018A  $195.00
Hotel Safety Series - Bomb Threat Procedures 5015A  $195.00
Hotel Safety Series - Employee Safety Orientation 5001A  $195.00
Hotel Safety Series - Fire Extinguisher Training 5009A  $195.00
Hotel Safety Series - Human Behavior - Reducing Unsafe Acts 5003A  $195.00
Hotel Safety Series - Lockout/Tagout 5011A  $195.00
Hotel Safety Series - Maintenance Person Safety 5007a  $195.00
Hotel Safety Series - Sanitation and Health For Food Service Workers 5004A  $160.00
Housekeeping Safety 5005A  $195.00
How To Prevent Slips and Falls (Hotels) 5051A  $195.00
Kitchen & Food Safety 5008A  $195.00
Knife Safety Basics 5014A  $195.00
Landscape Maintenance 5039A  $195.00
Laundry Room Safety 5017A  $195.00
Maintenance Mechanical Safety (Part 1) 5031A  $195.00
Maintenance Mechanical Safety (Part 2) 5032A  $195.00
Manual and Electric Cart Safety 5013A  $195.00
Nuclear and Radiological Weapons (Hospitality) 5042A  $195.00
Power Saw Safety 5034A  $195.00
Restaurant - Sanitation and Hygiene (Hospitality) 5025A  $195.00
Safe Travel 5022A  $195.00
Security Awareness 5044A  $195.00
Security Awareness for Management 5043A  $195.00
The Bed Bug Problem 5050A  $195.00
Tree Trimming Safety 5038A  $195.00
Valet Safety 5020A  $195.00
Vehicle Inspection - Automobiles and Light Trucks (Hospitality) 5026A  $195.00
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